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Our Innovations Lab is located at Bwala Hill, Masaka City
The Innovation Lab comprises of; [1)    CNC machining Space 2)    Fiber Optics Training Space and Gardens 3)    Embroidery Digitizing space 4)    Machined Art Crafts space 5)    Women in Crafts training space 6)    Training Space & Gardens ]

Sign Art - Support to Sign artists
We Combine art, skill, tooling and machinery to support a network of local artists. Our model machines can carve signs in wood, foam or plastic, with a maximum work area of 4ft x 8ft. Our fully equipped Innovations Lab seeks to keep partnering with an advertising or sign businesses and act as a subcontractor.

We are fully equipped with tooling, software, training, and spray booth upgrades (parts may need to be painted or otherwise coated, rather than just using traditional wood finishes), through our e-commerce platforms and network of artists who subscribe to our workshop, we bring some marketing expertise on board to help sell this new approach.

We have initiated a training program for sign makers who would like to add plastics, acrylic, metals and other materials to their menu Ė products that donít always behave the way solid wood and sheet goods do. The program comprises of travel and rotation speed of spindles, cutter shapes, size and geometry.

The machinery and tools are available at our workshop / innovations Lab, but making them sing requires some dedication, training and design talent. We train artists to be come great sign makers with a complex approach.

Our Programs comprise of but are not limited to;

Embroidery Digitizing training
CNC programming training
3D Sign Making Training & Sign Installation Training
Vector Art & CAD Designs
We also provide a wide variety of vector art and CAD Designs for various purposes; logos, carpentry art, vinyl cutting, embroidery, fabric art, wall art, metal art, cnc signs, stone, etc...for sign making industries.

We are your best source for vector graphics and DXF clip art for all CNC machine sign cutting and sign making industries in greater masaka city.
Our vector graphics dxf art works well for cnc plasma cutting, with smooth bold vector artwork, to work well for all forms of cnc mechanized cutting.