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Our Innovations Lab is located at Bwala Hill, Masaka City
The Innovation Lab comprises of; [1)    CNC machining Space 2)    Fiber Optics Training Space and Gardens 3)    Embroidery Digitizing space 4)    Machined Art Crafts space 5)    Women in Crafts training space 6)    Training Space & Gardens ]

Trophies & Awards Making and Marking or Labelling.

School Trophies

Choose from our range of school trophies, medals & awards
At Impact Trophies & Medals, we offer a huge range of school trophies, sports day medals and school awards suited to all events or competitions. Our extensive range includes school trophy cups, annual school shields and education awards. Impact Trophies & Medals are a leading retailer of school trophies & awards. Great for personalisation, many of our school trophies and school medals can be personalised with high quality text engraving and printed logo inserts, to perfectly meet all your school's presentation needs.

School trophies and medals are the perfect way to recognise their efforts and achievements. Going to school involves a series of mini-milestones at every stage, from successfully learning to read and write, to passing exams and perfecting performances in music, sport or gymnastics.

Whatever level your pupils are progressing to, for them itís an unprecedented height that warrants celebration!

All of our school trophies and medals can be personalised with the name and achievements of your young award-winners, and many can also feature your school logo.