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Our Innovations Lab is located at Bwala Hill, Masaka City
The Innovation Lab comprises of; [1)    CNC machining Space 2)    Fiber Optics Training Space and Gardens 3)    Embroidery Digitizing space 4)    Machined Art Crafts space 5)    Women in Crafts training space 6)    Training Space & Gardens ]

These stunning wood artworks are carved on premium tilia wood with the latest laser engraving technology. They look both traditional and abstract. Personalize them with your own sayings for a unique gift!
Wood Art
We have over 12,000 designs, we will create a new original design for you at no cost; or we can duplicate another sign or make an existing design.

We use only the very best premium materials, and fabricate them using the finest craftsmanship.

We have  outstanding design and management customer service; Michael, Jacky, Anna, Robert, Daphne, Divine, Regina and Liz are very knowledgeable and experienced, and will help you to choose the best solution for your signage needs. One of them will be assigned as your Project Manager, and will work directly with you during the design, manufacturing and shipping process.

They will provide status and resolve any issues with your order.
We have good turn-around times; from the time we receive a firm order on a custom sign or plaque. Duplicates or standard designs usually take 4 weeks. We also take rush orders, with a minimum time of 1 day for simple, small signs.
We are a "Green" company, and we use renewable, environmentally-friendly resources.