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Our Innovations Lab is located at Bwala Hill, Masaka City
The Innovation Lab comprises of; [1)    CNC machining Space 2)    Fiber Optics Training Space and Gardens 3)    Embroidery Digitizing space 4)    Machined Art Crafts space 5)    Women in Crafts training space 6)    Training Space & Gardens ]

The Innovation Lab.

Our Innnovation Lab, is an Open Workshop, Whether your interests lie in Advanced Telecom Infrastructure Development, Fiber Optics, Networking, wood work, machined crafts, ceramics or robotics, whether you consider yourself an amateur or professional; explore our services to discover the endless possibilities of our machines, IT infrastructre and talented / skilled workforce.

The Innovations Lab is the number one centre of excellence in value addition,  training, research and community outreach services offering practical and market oriented services and industrial training for the sectors it serves.

Where Technology & Talent Matter

CNC Levels of Service.

Would you like to personalise something or have you had an idea that you would like to make into a real product? Whether it’s your first time using this service or you’re a professional designer, we provide CNC cutting, engraving and routing. We’re passionate about design – from signwriting to furniture, sculpture to property and vehicle fit-outs.

Design Development.

If you have a design and know the materials you would like to use, our designers can help you draw your idea in CAD, suggest practical joints to construct your item and discuss all possibilities and restrictions, before we then create it for you.

Fast track cutting service.

Do you already know the capabilities of CNC? Send us your design, drawn in CAD, and we will create it for you.

You can send us hand drawings, drop into the workshop or give us a call. We can help with your project, regardless of its scale, so get in touch today.
Fiber Optics Training Lab and gardens.

Our experienced team and state-of-the-art technology labs enable us to deliver cost-effective projects to  to a range of clients and sectors.  We also offer Fiber optics consultancy, Training, and Deployment.

Our Innovation Labs are fully equipped with;

1) CNC machines (4 Machines),
2) Screen Printing tools - Developing Units
3) Color Stations, 4 and 6 color stations
4) Engraving tools
5) Embroidery Machines
6) Laptops and Desktops
7) Design and Training Softwares
8) Laser Engraving Machines
9) Fusion Splicers
10) OTDRs
11) Visual Fault Locators
12) Power Meters
13) Training Infrastructures, Ducting systems, etc