Welcome to Technology Support Centre Uganda.

Technology Support Centre is a multi-sectoral one stop centre for research, innovation, Training, value addition and product development.

Using advanced and IT driven workshop facilities, we promote the use of advanced and IT driven technologies, test and training equipment and robotic machines to increase efficiency, productivity, reduce costs and maximize revenue amongst our subscribers.

Technology Support Centre seeks to be the number one centre of excellence in value addition,  trainingresearch and community outreach services offering practical and market oriented services and industrial training for the sectors it serves.

We are Proudly affiliated to the following reputable organisations;




Technology Support Centre; Plot 9, Elgin Street, Masaka City, Kayondo Plaza, 1st Floor, Suite 9.  Tel; 0752 696 384, Whatsapp; 0776 696 384

E-mail;  orders@technologysupportcentre.net  Website; http://www.technologysupportcentre.net

Our Innovations Lab is located at Bwala Hill, Masaka City
The Innovation Lab comprises of; [1)    CNC machining Space 2)    Fiber Optics Training Space and Gardens 3)    Embroidery Digitizing space 4)    Machined Art Crafts space 5)    Women in Crafts training space 6)    Training Space & Gardens ]

Below, Some of the Equipment at Our Fiber Optics Training Centre, and Innovations Lab

We are Well Equipped with all modern Test and Measuring Equipments to undertake Fiber Optics Consultancies

It is our mission to stay continually aware of ICT driven industry developments in order to act as a general resource for the Ugandan community.

While we continuously update our product and service catalogues, the sectors we serve and services we offer comprise of, and are not limited to the following;


1)    Engraving& Labeling Services
2)    CNC Gcoding and Cutting Services
3)    Embroidery & Digitizing services
4)    Wood Work and Wood Art
5)    Indoor and Outdoor Decoration
6)    Metal Art & Metal Cutting
7)    3D & 2D signs
8)    Support  to Carpentry workshops
9)    Support to Sign Artists
10)    Religious Wooden Art crafts
11)    Manufacture of wooden and Acrylic Awards
12)    Self Inking Stamps, Notary Seals & Stamp Making Machines
13)    Women in Crafts Project
14)    Fiber Optics & IT Services
15)    Website Development & Database Management
16)    Computer Repairs & Maintenance
17)      IT Consultancy